Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SITE100

Measurement of low interfacial tensions for characterizing emulsions

Our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SITE100 measures the interfacial tension between two liquids by analyzing the video image of a drop in a rotating capillary. The software-controlled instrument specializes in the precise and simple measurement of extremely low interfacial tensions down to 10‑6 mN/m. The measuring results help you to develop and optimize emulsions and microemulsions.

Several samples in a short time

Our SITE100 is aimed specifically at high sample throughput, and, with the integral capillary, enables samples to be changed particularly quickly. We have developed an optional, matching dosing module, which reduces the sample quantity to only a few milliliters and thus enables minute sample quantities to be measured. The dispensed drop is moved into the camera image in seconds using the instrument's finely adjustable tilting device. The rotational speed of the capillary and the illumination can be conveniently adjusted directly on the unit or by means of the software.

High precision

Specially matched replaceable lenses for different measuring ranges make for maximum precision when determining the drop diameter, and thus ensure rapid and optimum measuring results. Exact temperature control between 0 and 100 °C with internal temperature measurement enables process conditions or reservoir temperatures to be simulated. This enables transition regions in the formation of mini and microemulsions to be depicted and easily determined.

Intuitive software

The spinning drop analysis software has an intuitive operating concept to enable the measurement to be prepared efficiently. Stored results and parameters as well as video images and image calibration data can be conveniently managed in a database. For time-controlled serial measurements, the software plots the interfacial tension against time or temperature, and presents the results in a comprehensive and clear report.

Questions and Applications

  • Investigation of emulsions and emulsifying capability
  • Formulation of surfactant mixtures to form mini and microemulsions
  • Tertiary oil recovery (surfactant flooding, steam flooding, hydraulic fracturing)
  • Solvent-free degreasing
  • Bioavailability of medicines
  • Investigation of fuel-water mixtures

Measuring methods and options

  • Measurement of the interfacial tension between two liquids 
    using the Spinning Drop method
  • Long-term serial measurements
  • Temperature control from 0 to 100 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor