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How to get wiped cream 2015/02/06
LINK: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Bee-Sting-Cake-Bienenstich-II/

Videos and information source: KRÜSS GmbH

In Germany we separate cream from milk in the diary plants.
While milk is an oil in water emulsion, cream is an water in oil emulsion.
Cream is used to make wiped cream. The foam is much more stable than Cappucino Foam and hence can be used for cakes and food.
The story around DFA100 is how a German baker is preparing “Bienenstich”: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Bee-Sting-Cake-Bienenstich-II/

The question – where the Lady with her DFA100 is interviewed - why is cream foaming up and why is this foam the question for the scientist talking is why does it foam.
Different proteins interact with each other to stabilize the foam – to analyze the different proteins DFA100 is used.
The proteins are different and they have different effects on the foam a huge field of research.
The last point is how milk is foaming when boiled – a question also related to those proteins in the milk, which are responsible for nice cakes.

Well maybe you can enjoy your Bee-Sting-Cake next time by thinking on DFA100!