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Co., Ltd acts an aggressive instrument representative and consultant in the territory of Taiwanese as well as China market. The products we deliver involving professional washers for laboratories, hospitals and industries including cGMP pharmacy. Surface science measuring system of static and dynamic surface and interfacial tension. Contact angle systems for contact angle measurements and surface free energy calculation on solids including porous and non-porous materials. Plant photosynthesis research instrument including chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange methods. Safety fume cupboard, bioclass isolator, water analytical tools, Near-Infrared Analyzer (NIR system), OXITESTER for quality control of vegetable oils, FOODLAB for food analytical systems, catheter manufacturing system, hole punching system for catheter, professional detergents and disinfectants, furniture......

The whole world leads brand KRUSS the professional German the dynamic state surface tension, static state surface tension and dynamic state interface tension, static state interface tension, dynamic state get in touch with the corn, static state contact corn, surface freedom ability, CMC, Form foam analysis system etc. related form interface chemistry research equipment;(KRUSS Taiwanese sole agent)The whole world leads brand WALZ professional German the plant fluorescence photo-synthesis system, air to exchange the system to pick the data parameter to include Fo, Fm and Fv/Fm, Ft and Fm', Fo', Yield, qP, qL, qN, NPQ, Y(NO), Y(NPQ), rETR, PAR and Temp.Wait for the plant physiology ecosystem research supervision equipment;(WALZ Taiwanese sole agent)HEIDON quiet friction, move the friction, wear, rub the coefficient, touch, and mixer...etc. related physics rub mechanics research equipment;(HEIDON Taiwanese sole agent)France of LANCERTRUTH、PROFESSION、QUALITY and SERVICE are what we satisfy to our customers.

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